Another repair!!!

Another repair job for the guys at Nikon - cameras and saltwater don't mix!

I couple of weeks ago I had a small flood in my Aquatica underwater housing :-(
As is the case in most of these things, it was purely my own fault, one of the clips had come loose & I didn't check. Luckily I realized immediately on entering the water (the puddle of water in the dome port was a bit of a giveaway!) and so managed to save things, but only just!

By the time I got out the water the end of my Nikon 16-35mm lens was completely submerged and saltwater had splashed all over the camera & lens.
After splashing freshwater all over the both lens and camera I dried things off & waited to see the verdict!
The lens was fine luckily - I tested it on my other body, but the camera was poorly! The LCD display on the top was blank despite trying several different batteries and so it was off to the repair department at Nikon UK!

With their usual speedy service, the camera was repaired with only minor servicing required and is now on it's way back to me - thanks guys!

I do feel lost without both cameras!