Time for safari again!

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Shipwrecks create amazing atmospheric images
It's time to get the underwater housing out again ready for the liveaboard....

Liveaboards or diving safaris are the best way for serious divers to get the moat out of a diving holiday. As the name suggests, you live on board the boat for a week and only return to shore at the end of the trip. This means you can get to much more remote dive sites, visit less dived places and hopefully see some great things!
I work with Infinity Safaris in the Egyptian Red Sea as a dive guide, instructor and on-board photographer and being on the boat 24 hours a day gives me some fantastic photo opportunities both above and below the water!

So today I have been preparing my clothes, dive kit and of course the camera gear ready for next weeks trip! This means not only the camera and lenses (which I keep in special little dry bags inside my camera bag to protect against any water and/or spray damage) but also my Aquatica underwater housing for my Nikon D700, the underwater flash guns (2 x sea & sea YS90's) and the various ports which enable me to switch between using wide-angle, fish-eye or macro lenses depending on the type of photography I want to do.

Next week it's a trip to the Northern Red Sea for mostly wreck diving so I think it will be the fish-eye lens on the camera almost constantly! I'll keep you posted :-).........