Bringing you up to date

This is just the start of my blog which hopefully I will be able to keep up to date with my various going-on and photography projects
This is just the start of my blog with which hopefully I will be able to keep you up to date with my various going-on and photography projects.

I started into the world of photography back in about 2001 when my parents bought me an underwater camera as I was working full-time as a scuba diving instructor. I soon became hooked, buying some extra lenses and flash until I really couldn't do any more with what I had.
So I read all about what f-stops do, how I play with shutter speeds and eventually splashed out on a Nikon F80 SLR along with a Sea & Sea underwater housing and twin Sea & Sea YS90 strobes and that, as they say, was that!

My photography was now taking on form and obviously with an SLR camera I could take it seriously on to land as well. I taught myself everything I could about various aspects of photography and as the DSLR's really came on the market I made the move over. Of course this meant I also had to invest in a new housing for my D70s (still Sea & Sea!) and also I had to really get to grips with photoshop!

Over the years I have continued teaching myself more & more and I know that I will never stop learning. There's an endless supply of information, new techniques to try and more to learn. It's simply a matter of your imagination limiting you.

Of course with being such an enthusiast it was simply a matter of time before I looked to ways in which I could make money from photography and so I started searching for clients and taking on projects for people. I addition to this I started putting my now extensive library on to stock image sites for selling.

I now use two Nikon D700 bodies with four main lenses - 16-35mm, 70-200mm, 60mm macro & 16mm fisheye. All my gear is Nikon as it's what I've always used & so I'm very used to and happy with it! Coupled with 2 speedlights (SB600 & 700) it's just amazing the creativity you can achieve.
For a lot of my marketing image projects I also use a very portable Interfit Studio lighting rig consisting of a softbox & umbrella.

Recently I have teamed up with my friend, Darren Hubble of Hubble Images to create a new joint venture, Creative Images, which we are now using to further broaden our client base and continue to enjoy our hobbies!

I hope you will follow my exploits as I update them here & many thanks for visiting my page!
Happy snapping!